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Citadel Grill

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By Mona El Manawhly

The colors and the flavors of the Citadel Grill filled the Ramses Hilton's mysterious halls.

 We were greeted by a dazzling mix of Mediterranean colors. Red, orange, lavender and yellow walls, plus simple yet comfortable seating. There were wooden chairs and tables in the brightly lit areas, and laid back cushions in the dim ones. We could see the food being flipped on the grill, and could smell an alluring mix of spices as it wafted through the air - it was a blast of sensations that had us sitting on the edges of our seats, waiting for our meals to be served.

 As we went through the menu, we were astounded by the variety and mix. An intriguing collection of dishes including King Prawns, Pan Fried Duck as well as Moroccan Couscous, which could be ordered with chicken or lamb. The beverages ranged from local and imported alcoholic drinks and cocktails, to a colorful selection of non-alcoholic cocktails, a little bit of something for everyone.

We started off with complimentary starters. A cone shaped basket of bread was neatly presented in company with butter infused with tomato, minced olives, balsamic vinegar in olive oil, Parmesan cheese and the magnificent oven-baked garlic cloves. Never in a long time have I been so fascinated by something so simple.

 Our appetizers, Mediterranean Culinary Cuisine for Two, consisted of an enormous selection of items from across the Mediterranean. Stuffed vine leaves, yogurt and lebnah salad, pickled eggplant salad, baba ghanoug, kobeba, samosa, falafel, mashed potato with caviar, tahina and, of course, the pickled octopus. They were all simply delicious and so delicately prepared.

The main course comprised of Grilled Salmon Steak that arrived with savory garlic and butter sauce, along with rice and vegetables and Beef Fillet Gorgonzola. The fillet was lightly covered in Italian Gorgonzola cheese, along with entrees consisting of parisienne potatoes and sautéed vegetables. Both dishes were made with an exceptional touch.

The singer began to play in the lobby, as we inquired about the dessert. The waiter brought out a cart filled with delightful treats including date tarts, apple pies and cakes. We decided to try the strawberry sponge cake and the mouth-watering cheesecake with cherry cream. As our expectations were already set high due to the beautiful meal we just had, we received nothing less than absolute satisfaction. The cakes were fresh, beautiful and simply scrumptious.

We ordered tea prepared in the traditional koshary style. Even though this was not how they usually served it, they gladly prepared it for us, and we were informed that this was the tea that the staff usually drinks. Just as we thought we were done, the last touch to this artistic meal was given - three small chocolate coated ice cream drops. The experience and skill of this place is most undeniable.

 We left the Citadel highly intrigued. This was a place with so much history and experience.

Good for: Business dinner, formal dinner or romantic evening.

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