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Café Riche

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Café Riche
No Smoking
17 Talaat Harb St.
Down Town
phone 2392 97 93 / 2391 88 73
Highlights: Historical location
Category: International, Ethnic
Cuisine: Oriental, European
Opening hours: 10AM - midnight
Price range: Affordable (Below LE75)
Payment method: Cash

Being Cairo’s oldest and most famous café, it is not a surprise why this place shelters so much history. Here is just a brief on its historic and cultural background…

Back in 1908, whilst Cairo’s Down Town was a replica of Europe, Café Riche was opened as a pairing branch to another café with an identical name located in the heart of Paris. Almost in no-time, the place became famous, attracting Cairo’s intelligentsia, among which were the Nobel prize winner Naguib Mahfouz, along with other well-known Egyptian writers, as Youssef Edrees, Taha Hussien, and Louis Awad, who nestled in the café on a daily basis, connecting with their muses and inspirations, and conducting literary seminars and book discussions with the audience.

And though those times have passed, Café Riche still maintains the glory of the past, smartly depicted in its décor. Strictly following the style of the 70’s, the place features wooden furniture and floors, old Arabic music played by an antique gramophone and a comfy seating area. Initially consisting of three arcades: the coffee place, the bar and the dining area (the only part that is currently operating); the café managed to tick all the right boxes in hospitality, satisfying the needs of its multiple clientele, ranging from history makers and writers, to expatriates and the younger generation interested in literature and arts.

But, naturally, the real secret of café’s success lies in its amazing menu, proudly displaying a long row of head-spinning dishes, listing classic international specialties and traditional Oriental delicacies, in addition to a long array of vegetarian items. Here you will be able to savor the palatable Mazelika (kidneys and liver cooked in a red-wine sauce), the notoriously yummy Blanquette Veal and the mouthwatering Fried Sole, along with their renowned Molokhia, Fatta and the traditional Musaca, among many other delicious dishes.

Not only this, but the visitors can also enjoy a good read: all you have to do is grab a book from their wonderful in-house library of rare works.

So, perhaps it is true what they say about this place: Café Riche is not just a café, it is a story-teller and a history witness that has absorbed Egyptian heritage and legacy in each brick of its walls.

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