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Lan Tania

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Lan Tania
Private Parking No Smoking Wireless Internet
Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers, Cairo, Uruba St.
phone 2267 77 30 / 40
Highlights: Open kitchen
Category: Far Eastern & Asian
Cuisine: Thai
Opening hours: 2PM - midnight
Price range: Moderate (LE75 to LE150)
Payment method: Cash
Entertainment: Live entertainment

The Thai restaurant Lan Tania, (translated as a blue palm) located in one of Cairo’s leading five-star hotels Fairmont Heliopolis and Towers, is like no other.

The décor, the music and the atmosphere may not bear the touch of Thailand, giving more preference to the fusion of simplicity, modernity and elegance; but the food of the place takes you away from Cairo and sends you straight to the far-away Bangkok, striking with its numerous spices and exotic ingredients – things that make Thai cuisine so rich with flavors.

As much as it’s flavored, it is also S-P-I-C-Y (see, you were warned!), using such ingredients, as chilies, lemongrass (which by the way grows in the small garden of the restaurant for the sake of décor), garlic, shallots, Kaffir lime (lime with a very strong aroma), coriander roots, cumin seeds, turmeric and coconut milk to make a curry sauce; but the talented Thai chefs of the restaurant can easily mild the dishes down matching them to your preferences.

Another peculiarity of the venue is that the food is served in a family style, meaning that all the dishes are put in the middle of the table and diners are invited to try each one of them. By the way, chopsticks are rarely used in Thai cuisine, preferring the traditional cutlery, yet the venue provides them for the convenience of its guests.

Obviously, clients’ comfort is restaurant’s top priority; the service is amazingly quick; whereas the waiters are highly competent, able to answer all your questions and help you make suitable choices. With their help, we opted for the delicious Tom Juead Woon Sen Tofu soup that consists of clear broth with minced chicken, tofu, various vegetables, glass noodles and garlic oil; and the exotic sweet-sour Tom Kha Gai soup that mixes chicken with coconut milk, mushroom, lemongrass, galangal (blue ginger), Kaffir lime eaves, fish sauce and lemon juice. As it is usual the case with Fairmont; the portions are more than generous, so plan your orders carefully.

Among the long row of appetizers, extremely recommended are Poh Pia Thod (minced chicken and shrimp spring rolls); Ka Throng Thong (a delicious combination of stir fried chicken and shrimp); and Satay Rhum (mouth-watering grilled beef and chicken on skewers, served with peanut and Ajard sauces); whereas for the main course try out the appetizing Neua Phad Num Mon Hoy (stir-fried imported black angus beef, red chili, basil leaves and oyster sauce); the incredibly yummy Ped Num Makham (roasted duck, rice vermicelli, lemongrass and tamarind sauce); or the palatable Goong Phad Katiem Prick Thai (stir-fried prawns, garlic and pepper).

Those in for a very sweet treat (after the spicy dishes), can indulge themselves in the variety of sugary desserts, like Kao Niew Piek (sticky rice with sweet corn and coconut milk); Tab Tim Khob (crispy chestnut in coconut milk and sugar syrup) or the exotic Saki Piek (our favorite) consisting of pearl tapioca, caramelized sweet potato and coconut milk.

Well, the place is definitely a must-go, especially for all those looking for exotics in the capital of Egypt.

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Additional Information:

The place also serves a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (beers, wines and cocktails like


, which is a combination of mango juice, ginger puree, lemon juice – all topped with Sprite

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