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Dar El Amar Terrace

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Dar El Amar Terrace
Private Parking Shisha OutDoor Area Wireless Internet
Oasis Boutiques, Sheraton Bldgs.
phone 017 310 99 99
Category: Middle Eastern, Oriental
Cuisine: Lebanese
Opening hours: Noon - 3AM
Price range: Moderate (LE75 to LE150)
Payment method: Cash

By Eugenia Ugrinovich

No matter how hard I tried to find an amar in this place (the name translates from Arabic as “the house of the moon”), I could not spot it. Instead I’ve found relaxing atmosphere, service deserving the highest praise and – naturally – food of the highest Lebanese quality, prepared for you by a true Lebanese chef with more than 20 years of experience.

As the chef explained to us, the dishes appearing in the menu were basically a collection of specialties brought to the Egyptian public from Lebanon’s various areas, oh – and yes, Syria’s main delicacies were not forgotten either. Knowing in advance that the portions would be big (I doubt that there is a non-generous Lebanese eatery), I deliberately ordered a selection of cold and hot mezze, creating a kaleidoscope of color on the table that was obviously ready to take such an amount of dishes. Vegetable platters, makdous, labneh (or goat labneh, if you please), white cheese with thyme, samkeh harra, figa figa birds, mixed mouajanat, cheese kehkat and many other dishes were cramming the table but once the platters were wiped out (I was hungry, I have to confess), the table was refilled again, this time with kebbe, salads, sandwiches, Fattah, BBQ items and – naturally – the sugarish desserts.

Despite the fact that I liked the food, the main highlight of Dar El Amar was not it. The impressive part was their open kitchen featuring a traditional Lebanese saj (where amazing Lebanese bread was baked in front of my eyes), the bread oven (fresh, hot and saltish – simply fabulous!), the manakish station and the BBQ counter, giving you freshly made items with a bit of a show.

The design of the place was contemporary, simple yet elegant. Spacious indoors and outdoors areas with an excellent view on the fountain managed to create a soothing atmosphere; whereas the well-trained staff underlined the feeling that I was dining in a truly Lebanese restaurant, boasting a truly Lebanese hospitality.

Important Information:
Reservation is required.
Large space indoors and outdoors (80 seats and 180 seats respectively) encourages the organization of various events.
Various shisha flavors are available.

Highlights: amazing bread and manakish. Don’t miss out to see how it is baked with your own eyes.
Must-Try: BBQ items, cheese manakish and kebbe hamis

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