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st.cyril church in alexandria


Cyril was patriarch of Alexandria. He was the protagonist in the Christological controversies of the 4th and 5th centuries.


He is known due to his struggle with patriarch john of Antioch. Also he is known by his involvement in expulsion of novations and jews of Alexandria and the murdered of Hellenistic philosopher hypatia by Coptic monks. 
He had taken powerful and influential , that the perfect  in a time of disorder. 
He had to do his power by causing the churches of the novations to be closed.
The sources of the Christians shows the jews of Alexandria planned against the Christians and killed them.
The political backing of hypatia had considerable moral authority in the city of Alexandria.
The Christians had been thought that the influence that caused by orestes to reject all reconciliatory offerings by Cyril.
The death of hypatia’s death has a struggle between the two Christian factions.
Cyril regarded the personification of god in the person of jesus Christ. He became notable at thechurch history because for the tiltle of “theotokos”.
He was announced the right faith of Christians.

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