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the hanging church

  The hanging church 

It is a Coptic orthodox church and also is known as the hanging church (el muallaqa). It is located on a gatehouse of Babylon fortress “old cairo”.


To approach the church, there is 29 steps. It is the most famous Coptic Christians. 
It is built on a basilican style. The church was built by pope Abraham. 
Due to the fighting of the church of saints sergius and bacchus and el mullaqa church was broke out cause of patriarch’s desire.
This church had a holy icons. It has 110 icons which dates back to 18th century. 
The iconostasis is made of ebony inlaid with ivory. The main altar is made also of ebony.
The icon of virgin mary, archangel gaberiel and st. peter are lined up, and there is other icons which are for st. john the Baptist and st.paul.

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