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madrasa of emir qanibey emir akhur

  Madrasa of qanibey emir akhur

Qanibey al-sayfi was  known by amir akhur and also was known by al-rammah. It consists of madrasa and mosque together and also has a sabil-kutab.


It began to built in 1503 A.D . it is located in salah al-din opposite to bab-al-azab.
On the left side, the sabil is located while on the upper floor, the madrasa an d the mosque where situated there.
To reach to both madrasa and the mosque will be by an exterior staircases.
There is a main long façade which have a mamluk style architecture. It has a trilobed arch. 
It has two windows contains of a rectangular window surrounded by small window screens.
There is an entrance leading to vestibule. It has a wooden ceiling with coloured ornamented.
It has a qa’a plan. It has a hall surrounded by two iwan. 
Qibla is made of a stone mihrab, and a minbar had two bands of quaranic inscriptions. 
The mausoleum was taken close to the qibla iwan. It is situated on four pendentives designed by seven rows of muqarnas.
the minaret is a double headed minaret instead of one head. It has also a middle section and square lower.
It is composed of two rectangular bodies with an arched recess on each side. There are the both minaret are flanked by a dome.
He also known by building madrasa of al-naseriya. He was died in 1515 A.D.

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