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mosque of ullgay el-yusifi

  Mosque of ullgay el-yusfi


It is built  by mamluk amir yusuf agha during bahari mamluk. It is situated in the street of souq al-saleh near el-sultan Hassan school.
It is consists of a portal, a mausoleum, sabil-kutab, and qa’a plan. 
It has a large mashrabbiya which had occupies the upper part and overlooked the canal.
It is consists of open courtyard surmounted by four iwans. This school is specialized in teaching shafi’i and hanbali doctrines.
There is a stone mihrab on the wall of qiblah flanked by two sides. 
At the same time the mosque was built like the madrasa which had an important role in education institution in the mosque.
The school it’s façade has a well-designed decoration. The minaret is on right-hand of the entrance.
The main building has a dome which is joined to it. The dome is ribbed on outside as it is the first dome which is built in this style.

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