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mostafa mahmoud mosque

  Mostafa mahmoud mosque

His name is mostafa kamal mahmoud huseyin but is known by mostafa mahmoud. He was a scientist and an author. He was born in shibin al kom. He was a pious man. He was enjoyed freedom and was a good student. He was ill in his childhood. 


His father suffered from paralysis. His father died after he finished a secondary school. He choose a medicine to study it.
During his study he went to the hospital for two years. He describs all his journey as his journey to Tanzania, Uganda, south of sudan and Kenya. 
He had written five books which had been criticizing: marxim and islam, Islamic left fib.
He was known that marxim was destroyed the current civilization.
He had his first and second marriage are not successful. He was endowed by a boy and a girl. He satisified about his death. He built a small apartement which is his mosque and was located in dokki.
He was died at the age of 88, he was unconscious at 2009. 

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