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sultan al-ghuri complex

  Sultan al-ghuri complex

He was the second last sultan mamluk. It is a huge complex consists of mausoleum, khanqah and sabil-kutab. He built his complex from 1503-1504.


In the western side, it has a Friday congregational mosque-madrasa nwhich had built in qa’a plan, while it has in eastern side, a khanqah and mausoleum. The madrasa has been installed in the sacrifice “I’d al adha”.
The madrasa and mosque built in mamluk style. It was taken from qaytbay’s mausoleum.but bigger in it’s size. The complex in western façade has a trilobbed satalactite.
The minaret consists of square, octagonal and round layers. But it is rectangular from top to bottom.
In the top there is always a four bulbs, while the present top have five additionaly.
It has a special marble dados. It has a deep opencourt surrounded by four iwans.
The façade of khanqah has a triloobed satalactite. It has also sabil-kutab in interior which have a highly decorative.
The dome has made out of brick and coverd with green tiles. It has a transition zone made out of stone. Al-ghuri didn’t buried at his mausoleum.  

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