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mosque of amir al-tunbugha al-maridani

  Mosque of amir al-maridani

On the 14th century, it was one of the best wonderful monuments. It was built by amir al-tunbugha al-maridani. It is situated in “bab al-wazir” street. His father is el-sultan al-nasir mohammed.


It has preserved with it’s original decorations. At that time, all materials were applied by stucco, wooden and stone carvings.
The exterior façade ids remarkable by recessed panels with satalactites. And it has an inscription quarnaic band.
There are three entrances to the mosque. In the north is the original one. 
In the interior, the mosque consists of a central courtyard surmounted by four riwaqs.
In the middle, there is a fountain is designed normally.
The qibla wall is ornamented with stucco. the maqsura is set apart to safe guard imam.
The main entrance of the minaret shows a new element. The first stage has a square shaft which is transitional between the mosque and minaret.
It has a pavilion which is included 8 columns. It depended here on the mamluk style.

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