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mosque of sultan hassan

  Mosque-madrasa of sultan Hassan

The mosque is located near the citadel in cairo. The mosque was designed to include four of the sunni schools: shafi’I,hanafi, hanbali and maliki. Sultan Hassan was the founder of the gigantic monument. He ruled Egypt twice. The first time when he was 13 years old, while the second rule began in 1356 and lasted in 1361.


His father was al-nassir mohammed which have many monuments around cairo, have his mosque in citadel and his madrasa in ben el qasrin.
The complex has in it’s original plan four minarets. One at the portal, while the second is erected.
The sultan mosque has a quite irregular. At it’s top is a projecting stalactite cornice.
Each mausoleum has adorned with a mausoleum at the centre.
There are two rows on the windows along the facades. The upper one is inserted crowned with stalactite.
the mosque has it’s entrance which are not missed. The carved bands designed the portal. The designs of panel presents floral motifs. 
There is a huge door in the main portal. Inside the sahn it emerged to the mamluk era.
Although the exterior of the building is made of stone, while the interior is carved with stucco.  All sides of sahn are recesses with arched supports by iwans, but they are unequal in size.
The floor of iwan carved by carpets of different color.
The ceiling of iwans are high. The building is divided into four parts. Inside the building is used for to live and to study.
Inside iwan there is a courtyard with their ablution fountain. There is also qibla oriented iwan.
The mihrab decorated the artwork. Muslims believed that the mihrab is their gate to mecca and it has gold decorations.
There is also a high mastaba. It is also known by “dikkat al- muballigh” where having quarans.
The mausoleum is located behind qibla iwan. There is also the high dome is constructed like the entrance hall of the mosque.

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