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mosque of el-sultan al-muayyad

  Mosque of el sultan muayyad

Sultan al-muayyed was bought by sultan al-malik al zahir. His regin was cursed by plague.


It is located next to bab zuwayla in cairo. It has a madrasa , khanqah and a mausoleums.
He was a circussion mamluk who served as a sultan between 1412 to 142. 
In this monument the exterior façade has the best example of how mamluk buildings.
The mosque had three minarets which had two we see above the towers of bab zuywelah , but it destroyed at 19th century.
The third one, which are near the western entrance was different. And there is no innovation in the evolution of minarets.
In the second octagonal second stories of the twin minarets which seen on exterior stone dome.
It has four façade and also four entrances. 
There is a band of carved stone inlaid with marble and red and coloured stones.
There is on the either side the portal of examples of squares of kuffic. 
In the vestibule, there is a cross-vault surmounted by two domes on satalactites.
The hypostyle hall is similar to khanqah of faraj ibn barquq. There is an ablution fountain in the centre of the courtyard. 
The sanctuary is decorated with a high marble dado and a polychrome marble prayer niche.

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