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najim al din ayyub

  Mosque of najm al din ayyub

Nejm al din ayyub was the last ayyubid sultan of Egypt. He was the grandson of famous salah al din. His wife was shagarit al durr.


This madrasa was the first school to accommodate the four schools of law but other schools of this period were dedicated to maliki or shafi’i rites of Islamic law.
It is located on el moezz street in cairo. It was first known in this construct that a tomb attached to a madrasa.
There are two carved wooden quaranic friezes around the chamber. Apart of the mausoleum is protruded into the street.
This madrasa occupies part of the great Fatimid palace. This minaret is survived intact that dates  from the ayyubid period.
The rectangular shaft of the minaret is not very visible on the street side but in the back is adorned with keel-arched panels with carved stucco.
The minaret rests upon today, and it separates the two wings of the madrasa. 
The passage entrance is remarkable by a beautiful keel-arched of carved stone.
The decoration of the façade is adorned with niches and inscriptions is nearby to aqmar.
The madrasa plan was reconstructed by creswell. His plan shows two opposing wings, each had two vaulted iwans facing each other.
These four iwans divided between the two wings, each designated to the four schools.
Today, the northwest iwan has survived. A doorway had left the passage entrance give access to open courtyard.

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