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sarghatmish mosque

  Sarghatmish mosque

Amir sarghatimish al-nasiri, chief of crops of mamluks. He began under the service of sultan al-nasir mohammed ibn qalawun.  It is located in saliba street behind ibn tulun mosque. Sarghatimish was murded and he was buried in his mausoleum in the madrasa.


This mosque facing the street to northwest. It shows the tendency of the mamluk architecture. This building facing the existing street and also tin the interior of mosque toward qibla. This choice to aspects of building of the mosque showing to public.
There is an interesting in this madrasa which is decorated with stalactities.
There is a twisting corridor that leads to a square central courtyard.
There is also a beautiful style of decoration to minaret which is located at the end of the façade.
At the bottom, there is the square shaft , while at the top is a colonnade pavilion.

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