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suleiman pasha mosque

  Suleiman pasha mosque

It was the first mosque built by the new rulers. It was located to the northern enclosure of the citadel. Suliman pasha became wali {governor} for the crops. The mosque is a fine example of ottoman architecture.


There is no façade has a decorative on it’s paneling. The minaret, includes a high cylindrical faceted shaft which stands to left of entrance.
The dome is rounded and there is no vestibule.
The prayer hall is rectangular covered by a central dome, like mohammed ali mosque.
The central dome rests on spherical pendentives. It has a tranzational dome. There is a large medallions has an inscriptions on it has the names of god “allah” ,mohammed, bakr, omar, Othman  like mohammed ali mosque.
The dikka is attached to wall facing prayer niche. The minbar is carved and painted.
The prayer hall is covered with marble in mamluk style.
At 19th century the walls were restored. At the western wall the doors leads to the courtyard paved with marbel.
The stucco are decorated and painted with floral designs.
At the Fatimid period, the shrine was built on the west side of the courtyard. On the north side of  another  courtyard  another entrance leads to the second courtyard.
According to the foundations deed, this building is a kuttab. It’s dome coverd by blue tiles.

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