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complex of qurqumas

  Complex of qurqumas

Qurqumas was the commander-in-chief of the armies, also was called “grand amir”. He was a mamluk of sultan qaytbay. The funerary complex adjoined that of inal to the north. There is a residential units attached to the complex were taken over for  military purposes
He was a former mamluk of al-ashraf qaytbay. He had been a commander of 1,000 commander of the guard.
He was appointed to be a governor of Aleppo. When qanush al-ghuri came to power he released him and he demanded him to cairo, and then he assumed the duties of minister of war, then he became marshal. He had manumitted slaves.
The funerary complex had included a Friday congregational mosque with sufi and had a madrasa , sabil-kutab, then a mausoleum. 
The minaret is located to the right of portal, like qaytbay’s mosque. Sabil-kutab on the left side, while dome on the southeast of building.
The mosque has a minaret has a lozenges carved in a zigzag motif, like sultan inal.
In this complex the most entertaing feature is the term in waqf deed this was a residence  with large iron grilled windows.

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