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madrasa and khanqah of sultan barquq

  Madrasa and khanqah of sultan al-zahir barquq

this madrasa is located to the next to madrasa of al-nasir mohammed, is in street of al-mu’izz. Sultan barquq legitimize with a previous dynasty. It was established a madrasa teaching the four rites,unlike sultan’s hasan’s madrasa, it was also a khanqah for sufis.


The façade is designed with recesses surmounted by satalactites. The windows have pointed arches which was a style that was used during this period the bahari mamluk period.
The dome of the mosque is not original, but the original was wood and plaster.the new one is made out of brick but it’s surface is plain.
A minaret is completely octagonal.the façade has a trilobbed stalactite portal.
The original bronze door is remarkable by geometrical stars,inlaid with silver.It has a stone dome flanked by stalactites.
The recess of the portal is decorated with a rectangular panel.
An entrance leads to a corridor to a cruciform. there are 4 iwans have four pointed arches.
In the centre, there is an ablution fountain has a bulbous wooden dome on eight marble columns.
The four madrasa entrances are pierced in recesses. the upper part with zigzag carved voussoirs, like we can see it in the roda nilometer.
On the interior passages, there are the living units for the students.

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