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the aqsunqur mosque

 The aqsunqur mosque

This mosque is known by other names which are: the blue mosque and the other is the mosque of Ibrahim agha.
It is located between bab zuweila and the citadel of salah al din at the cairo citadel in tabaana street.
The mosque contains the mausoleums.
It contains a large open courtyard enclosed by four arcades.the main entrances are three with the main portal opening to western arcade.
Facing to coutrtyard there is a dikka from which the qura’n is recited.
The prayer hall sits a brick one dome carried on four bricks squinches.
In the interior of the mosque which has irregular design. The aqsunqur mosque has a cross vaulting of arcades. it has a qiblla wall which is cross vaults is an Islamic Syrian architectural influence.
The mihrab is a geometric interlace stuyle which is found in mamluk architecture.
At the southern corner of the façade is situated the minaret which is looking to bab al wazir street.
It contains of three stories which are:
The first is circular and plain 
The second is circular and ribbed 
And the top is bulb resting on a pavilion supported by eight slender stone columns.
It’s circular is shaft among mamluk minarets.
While the third storey is octagonal and removed by the restoration.

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