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al-hussein mosque

  Al hussein mosque

It is one of the most beautiful mosques. After that this mosque was named the prophet’s grandson who killed by the ummayads. It is located next to khan-al-khalili. The mosque of al-hussein has passed by a conflict that caused by a schism in islam that has two divisions of sunni and shia. Hussein reverened as a martyr in shi’ai world.  


In the mosques, there are forty-four white marble columns, that on one side there is a mausoleum is that the oldest part of complex.
The mausoleum is considered as the oldest part of the mosque.
The ceiling has a cupola is decorated with gold that is surrounded the mausoleum.
The mihrab is the most remarkable by colours: blue, grey,black which has a traditional geometrical designs, while the shrine has engraved silver surrounded by white marble.

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