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altunbugha al-maridani mosque

  Altunbugha al-maridani mosque 

During the 14th century, it is the one of the finest monuments , it is built by prince “altunbugha al-maridani”. It is located at “bab al wazir street”.
Amir al-maridani was one of sultan mohammed’s son in law.
He was following the traditional hypostyle plan very similar to al-nasir mohammed’s mosque in the citadel.
The mosque preserved with it’s original decoration. All materials were applied.
In the façade of mosque decorated with panels, a quranic inscriptions bands runs along.
It set in a plain vaulted recess.
It consists of an open courtyard surrounded by four riwaqs.
In to the middle is the wooden fountain, a small pavilion like roof.
There are a wooden mashrabeyya screen separating the prayer hall qibla.
The qibla wall is ornamented with fine stucco work.
Maqsoura is a place to safe guard the life of imam who was a caliph.

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