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aytmish mosque

 Aytimish mosque

It is a rich architecturally of an Islamic period that were a major buildings were erected. There are different styles of religious and educational complexes. The mosque of ayitimish al-bagassi built in 1383.  

 The mosque was the most important building in it’s location.

The mosque built by prince seif al-din aytimish al-bagassi in a short period also under the reign of sultan barquq.
The façade of mosque decorated with a ribbed dome.
The interior of the mosque is using natural materials.
The minaret of the mosque is adjacent to the entrance.
In the left corner is located the sabil and kuttab.
Sabil is separated from the mosque but still reached outside and inside, which one can be reached to the sharie bab al-turba.
The mosque has a wonderful façade with fine unique.

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