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the mosque of ahmed ibn tulun

 Mosque of ahmed ibn tulun 

He was Turkish commander in samarra in Iraq. He established as a ruler for the province . He founded a new capital called “al-qatai”.
The location of the mosque is chosen appearance from rock known by “gabal yashkur” is located in sharia al saliba.
It is the oldest Islamic monument in cairo is considered as the 3rd mosque of the congregation of the Friday prayer.It is the biggest mosques in Egypt. 
It has in it’s design the open court surrounded by four riwaqs of qibla. The riwaqs has 2 archades.
It has in it’s entrance 19 doors on 3 sides, and there are 3 doors cut in the wall.
The arches of arcades are pointed and the qibla riwaq are parallel to the  prayer  niche ”mihrab”.
In the middle the main mihrab of the qibla wall.
The mosque windows is pierced with pointed arch flanked with colonnade.

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