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the mosque and madrasa of al-sultan hassan

  Mosque and madrassa of sultan Hassan

It is one of the beautiful monuments of Islamic. the founder of it is sultan Hassan. Sultan hassa has ruled twice, one of it was in 1347 only to be dethroned by mamluk who revolted against him. In 1356 was the second time. 


He gave order of construction of this madrasa, then the work take 4 years. It was completed when sultan Hassan was killed.
The location of al-madrasa was known by “ the horses market”.
 It was built on the cruciform, an open court surrounded by  4 iwans. 
It has 4 madrasas and important thing is for having 2 facades.
The sahn is almost square of the mosque and has an ablution fountain in the centre covered with a wooden dome carried on marble columns has decorated with inscription quranic band. 
In the mosque has the qibla iwan is the biggest 4 iwans.
The marble minbar covered with coloured panel of marble.
The dekkat al-mouballegha is situated at front of the qibla is made of marble.
There are 2 doors leading to a mausoleum dome.

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