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the mosque of amr ibn al as

  Mosque of amr ibn al-as

It was the first mosque built in Egypt. amr ibn al as who conquest Egypt against the roman. Later, the mosque was named “the mosque of amr” is surrounded by houses of al-fustat.It was named “the crown of the mosque” .


The mosque has many additions during the reign of caliph al mamoun.
He added a new area then he ruined as a result of al-fustat fire in 1175 A.D.
Shawer was burnt al-fustat , he was the vizer of the Fatimid caliph al-adid.
 In 1179 A.D. salah al din rebuilt and renovated.
The mosque was restored entirely in 1906. 
There is a mausoleum below a dome at southern corner. There is a place for prayer in mosque.
One of the most important religious imams who taught in this mosque was “mohammed ibn idris al shafi”.

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