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the mosque of al-hakim

  Mosque of al-hakim

Now It is located at the end of al-muiz street near to bab el fetooh, near to the famous khan el khalili. The street of al-muiz has a different variety shapes of the islamic monuments.


Al-hakim came to power when he was 11 years. it was said that he burned the places of cairo.
He replacing his name instead of name of god, allah. He forbidding people from eating molohkia.
He prohipted shoemakers to manufacturer shoes for woman.
The mosque of al-hakim is the second largest Fatimid mosque in Egypt.
It consists of an open courtyard “sahn”with four halls “riwaq” surrounding with four directions.
The beautiful is the qibla riwaq which is to the direction to mecca.
It isn’t uniquely designed of two minarets.they are the oldest surviving minarets in Egypt.
The mosque is appears to similar to the azhar mosque.
Al-hakim mosque used as a school but today it receives numerous visitors.
It still used for prayer until this day. 

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