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the mosque of mohammed ali

  Mosque of mohammed ali

It is the most interesting mosques in stands on courtyard of the citadel of salahdin. The architect who based the plan of the mosque was a Turkish man called youssef boushnaq, the construction of the mosque started in 1830 A.D.  and continued until the death of mohammed ali.


The signs of cracking had to be shown on the mosque.The material which used for the construction was limestone.
It takes a shape is rectangular . the “house of prayer” is located in the eastern section and courtyard in the western section.
The part that dedicated to prayer is contains of the a square shape, has a roof with central dome.
It has a marble mihrab , and the domes are covered with medallions.
there are 6 medallions around the dome. The mosque has 2 minbars.
The entrance has a marble pillars with bronze.
The tomb of mohammed is to the right.originally he was not buried in his mosque.
The courtyard in the western section is a large open that surrounded by arched riwaqs raised on pillars and small domes.
There is an ablution fountain is located to the middle of the mosque.
The ablution fountain is an octagonal shaped, in the walls of the riwaqs there are 46 widows.
The doorway is opposite to the prayer house.

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