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al azhar mosque

  Al-azhar mosque

Al-azhar mosque is located in el-hussein square. It is building in a porticoed style.


It was originally designed by the Fatimid “jawhar el sequili”. It was called “al- azhar”after fatama al-zahraa daughter of prophet mohammed.
It imitated amr-ibn-al-as and ibn tulun was a meeting place for shi’a students.
It was under yacoub ibn cals then it become a teaching institute.
Nowdays the university built around the mosque.
The mosques is for all the styles and influences through Egypt, there are five minarets with it’s balaconies and carved columns.
The gates leads to the small courtyard, then to aqbaughawiya medrasa.
On the right is taybariysia madrasa. to the east is the prayer hall.

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