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temple of ramessum

  Temple of ramesseum

Ramses II was built the temple as a funerary temple and dedicated to the god re. The entrance of the temple had two pylons have been collapsed.


In the first pylon there is astood colossal statue of ramses.
The entrance of the pylon was located in the eastern side was decorated  with the scenes of battle of kadesh. you will see scenes of the famous battle of kadesh.
There are 29 coulmns in great hypostyle hall, on the left side there is a scenes of a battle of kadesh.
The second courtyard is in a very best condition than the first one. There is two Osiris columns representing ramses II and there is a small hypostyle hall had 8 papyrus-bud columns.
There is a hall in the temple is decorated with the scenes of making offering and scenes of the sacred boat of amon ra.
There are ruins of the vestibule in the western side.
Ramses II built a great mud brick where he was stayed. 
The greatest Egyptologist petrie, found an important stella, known as “Israel stella” ,many Egyptologists believed that mern-ptah is like to be the pharaoh of exodus.

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