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temple of kom ombo

  Temple of kom ombo

Kom ombo is a small town situated on the east side of the is a pleasant agricultural town that many Nubians displaced after the nile flooded their hometownsafter the construction of lake Nasser


In Arabic the word “kom” means the hill while in ancient Egyptian language the word “ombo” means the gold, then the word “kom ombo” means the hill of the gold.
The orginates of the word “ombo” cames from the word “nebo”.
Kom ombo name is very important shows the important of the ancient Egyptians from the economical aspects, kom ombo was a transit point where many trading caravans used to stop.
During greeco-roman period was constructed on the ruins of the temple called “ber sobek” or “the house of god sobek”.
During the period of king Ptolemy V built the recent of the temple.
the buildings work of temple constructed during the ruling period of emperors Caracalla and macrinus.
During the king Tiberius a hypostyle hall was building.
The temple of kom ombo was constructed of having two gods, “sobek” the crocodile god and “horus” the falcon god.
The temple has a front courtyard, a hypostyle hall, follows it the three inner halls, and two sanctuaries which are one for sobek and other to horus.
There are seven chambers, moreover temple of kom ombo have many antechambers and smaller rooms that used for different rituals.
The façade of the temple have carving of Ptolemaic kings beating the enemies and making offerings to gods.
Passing through the gate of the temple, we enter to the hypostyle hall where damaged.
The temple has a courtyard which consists of a rectangular open space has three direction.
During ptolemy  XII it was constructed the first inner hall, which has a design similar to the outer hall.
The temple of kom ombo had two sanctuaries dedicated to god horus and god sobek.
The two sanctuaries consists of two similar rectangular hall.
In the south eastern side the birthplace located. it consists of an outer courtyard leads to front hypostyle hallwere gods carried out.
The chapel of hathor: it is located to the north eastern section and it consists of a rectangular shaped chapel.
There are three glass galaries that displayed three mummies of crocodilies presenting the god sobek.
The chapel of sobek: it is located in the north eastern section, the two columns that dominated to the entrance had portrayed by by the emperor Caracalla.
It shows in the inner hall the most remarkable scene of medical and surgery tools,like: suction caps, bone saw, dental tools.

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