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temple of hatshepsut

  The temple of hatshepsut at deir el bahari

it is one of the most characteristic temple due to it’s design and decoration made of limestone. It was thought of that genius architect who built that temple.
At the 7th century, it  was named Coptic monastery known as “the northern monastery”.
Today this temple means in arabic “temple of el-deir el-bahari ”means “ the temple of the northern cemetery”.
This temple reflects clear ideas between Hatshepsut and her son in law thutmosis III.
The temple has three terraces and on the southern is the 1st colonnade and decorated with the scenes of transportation of hatshepsut’s two obelisks.
The 2nd terrace accessible by a ramp.
The journey to the punt now called Somalia. these scenes depicts the great detail.
To the south there is a shrine of the goddess hathor, where hathor is shown with a woman’s face and cow’s ears which carrying a sistrum.
On northern side, is the 2nd colonnade , there are chapel of Anubis.
The 3rd terrace, is accessible from the ramp.
It is consists of two rows of columns.
The colonnade leads to sanctuary had be damaged.

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