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temple of abu simble

  The temple of abu simble

It is the most interesting pharonic temples. It is located southern border of sudan.


It is to the south of aswan.this temples dates back to the regin of ramses II.
This temple suffered from the raising water of lake Nasser.
There are two temples cut in rock.
King ramses II built the first is dedicated to the god re-hor-akhty, ptah.
King ramses II was a defied king. It’s façade is long and has four seated clossi of the king which each one represented the king seated on the throne wearing double crown.
Above the entrance is shown re-hor-akhty while on the summit of the façade is babbons.
Inside temple is osirid shaped pillars which is cut in rock.
The temple of nefertari: 
It was also built by ramses II that is dedicated to the goddesss hathor and his wife queen nefertari. it’s façade is long and contains 6 standing clossi four of them represents ramses II and two other represents queen nefertari which accompanied by two smaller figure.
The entrance has 6 hathor –headed pillars decorated with scenes showing the king and the king making offering to different deities.

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