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temple of madinet habu

  Temple of madinet habu

Madinet habu is located to south of ramasseum, it was aplace where amun appeared for the first was a place of worship of this god. it is a small village. The name of madinet habu is called in Arabic as a village. habu is a word in hieroglyphics is known “hbw”.


The temple has a huge mud brick surrounded it.
This temple has a huge gate and decorated with battle scenes of the king’s war in Syria.
There is a shrine which  dates back to the 18th dynasty .
There is a wide open court leads to a pylon decorated with the battle scenes.
On the southern tower there is the oxen hunt scenes which depicts ramses III leading his chariot hunting wild oxen.
The 1st open court has scenes decorated with battle scenes fought against the Syrians and  Libyans.
There is a scenes on the 2nd courtyard  representing of religious ceremonies like: the festival of god sokar and min and other kings making offering.
The 1st hypostyle hall contained 24 coulmns in 6 rows, surrounded by 16 chapelsand is eight to the right and eight to the left.
There is a shrine dedicated to the king ramses III. The chapels dedicated to utensilis of the temples.
The second hypostyle hall contains 8 papyrus columns in 2 rows.
There are three entrances, one leads to the sanctuary and the one right side leads to the the sanctuary while the left side leads to the chapel of the goddess mut .
At the end of the temple is a sanctuary consists of 3 chapels which dedicated to “the traid of thebes”.   

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