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temple of phiale

  Temple of phiale

This temple is located to the south of aswan. It was called “apo” in hieroglyphic which means ivory. it is the most important centre for trade.  It also known by greek “elephantine".


For goddess isis, the ancient Egyptian built a magnificent temple.
The first aswan dam built in 1906, that was not the seventies that attempted to save the temple while the temple of philae was reopened in 1980.
The temple of isis:
It occupies the quarter of the island, and it is the greatest temple in has some beautiful scenes.
In the same style of the temples that built during the new kingdom this temple was built.
Isis temple consists of the 1st pylon which is the pylon has two towers and opencourt leads to the 2nd pylon.
On left side of the court is “mamisi” . the 2nd pylon leads to the hypostyle hall ,then to a vestibule leading to the sanctuary.
King taharqa (25th dynasty) built the first chapel for the goddess isis.
There are the other monuments there are (the kiosk of Trajan , the chapel of Osiris , the gatway of Tiberius).
During the reign of the emperor Justinian , the main temple was converted to a church.

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