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temple of abydos

  Temple of Abydos

In ancient Egypt, Abydos, the 8th province. It is located in a town in sohag.  It was called abdu, and the Greeks called it Abydos. There is many tombs belong to the 1st and the 2nd dynasties. The kings also have built there temples here like: king pepi I, king seti I and ramses II.


During the regin of the king seti I was built the temple and completed by his son mern-ptah.
The temples contains 7 shrines dedicated to 7 gods: Osiris, isis, ra-horakhety , seti I , ptah , horus , amon-ra.
Ramses II built a great pylon and was built by white marble.
The temple has the best preserved texts and reliefs dates back to 18th dynasty.
It is quite unique in designs has “L” letter shape.
As there is a 7 shrines constructed by seti I, it has 7 gates and there is one open gate is now opened.
There is many representations shows that ramses II offering to gods.
The gates leads us to the hypostyle hall, while to go to the second hypostyle hall which built by seti II have scenes shows king seti I making offering to Osiris and horus.
There is 7 sanctuaries dedicated by seti I, it is belived that these shrines has a sacred boats of the god’ has a false door except for Osiris.
The shrine of Osiris haven’t a false door, has a representations of god Osiris the sign (the pillar of Osiris).
There are two entrances, in the left of the 2nd hypostyle hall.
One of them leads to the hall of sokker, this corridor leads to hall of sacred boats.
There is another hall which named (hall for sacrifices) where animal had slaughtered.

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