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the temple of dendera

  Temple of dendera

The temple of dendera is located on west bank opposite city of qena, the capital of the province and governorate of qena.


The name of the city dates back to the time of the pharaohs. this word was taken from the ancient Egyptian word qeny which means “to bend” .
This temple built in 1st century and roman emperors continued to decorate it and honour the goddess hathor.
The roman emperor Domitian built the first gateway which leads to the great hall of the temple.
The upper front edge of the cornice decorated with winged sun disc .
Hathor represented with the the horns of the sacred cow protruding from her head, supporting  the solar disc of the sun.
The interior walls have scenes depicts sacrifies being made to the goddess of the temple.
The ceiling is divided into 7 divisions and the best of them is 3:
The first one : represents the goddess nut, the goddess of the sky.
The second one: represents the sun boat and star goddess.
The third one: represents the zodiac signs which is the reason of famous of the temple.
On both side of the second hall which has 6 coulmns which decorated by rich capitals and granite pedestals.
There is two  altars one for a sacred boat and other  for sacrifies offered to the goddess hathor.
There is a small corridor leads to a small room and the staircases leads to the roof of the temple decorated with wonderful  symbols.
The walls represents the Osiris rising from the dead and becoming god of the underworld.
The exterior wall show Cleopatra and julis Caesar  which is making offering to hathor and other deities of dendera.
On the same wall some stone lions head, serving as waterspouts.

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