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the postal museum

  The postal museum 

It is located at al-ataba square in middle cairo and it was founded in 1934 during the regin of king fuad I. The museums contains a collection of artifacts, pictures and documents. the services of postal flourished in Egypt since the pharaonic old and middle kingdoms.


The museum has ten section which are a historical section, section of postal equipment, section for stamps, a section for postal buildings , a section for transport and for costumes, asection for maps and statistics, for e-mail ,for conferences.
In tell al amarna founded some letters in northern upper Egypt , the types of these clay letters were also exchanged between aminophis III and IV and between Assyrian and Babylonian and Sicilian kings.
Some historians said that Persians were adopt a postal system. The postal system adopted in Egypt during two eras the roman era and Islamic era.

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