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agricultural museum

  Agriculture museum

The agriculture museum was the residence of the palace of princess fatma ismail,the daughter of khedive ismail.


It is located in dokki in cairo is considered one of the largest museums in Egypt.
The museum agricultural was opened in 1938.
It contains most beautiful and important displays. this museum shows the playing role of agriculture in ancient Egypt.
In the museum the first floor held all kinds of displays that explained the ancient Egyptian cultivation.
There is in the museum the most important items that attract people the statues of pharonic that interst in people.
In the agriculture museum  There was a statue of god sekht, the god of agriculture land and at the end of hall there is a statue of the god of the nile in the roman period.
This museum shows how the ancient Egyptianmanfactured the beer and wine grapes and they used a simple tools and made tasty wines and beers.

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