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kharga museum

  Kharga cultural museum

The museum has artefacts ranging from the Egyptian prehistoric period to Islamic era.the museum is situated in the centre of el-kharga, on sharie gamal abd el-nasser.
The building has 3 floors. The displays are located on the 1st and 2nd floor.
On the first floor, there were displays like: prehistoric tools , ostrich eggs.
There are tombs were discovered there from the pharonic era.
These important pieces were discovered by French mission. There is a greeco-roman sarcophagus of a lady painted with sycamore wood.
The museum included the items of three lion-headed sphinx found at deir-el-hagar temple in Dakhla.
In the ground floor there is some collection that discovered in new valley , it is the collection of birds that is discovered by French mission which has colorful wooden birds it was buried with the decessed with the purpose of representing five parts his soulto keep him in the afterlife .
There are many excavations found in the western oases like:roman  presence in western oases in glass, ceramic and coins.
There are an ostraca which means{pottery used as writing material} is important for dailylife.
In the second floor there are wooden pens, pen cases, also greeco-roman displays like:wooden carpentry and woodworking.
The Islamic and Christian artefacts founded in the second floor.artefacts included textiles, icons,and ceramics.
There is also in a museum  devoted to silver, plates and other items.
Hours of operation: open daily from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

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