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baiyt el sennari

  Baiyt el sennari

Baiyt el sennari was used to house many of French artist and scholars at that time and it was a very important monuments to early Egyptology.


The house had a damaged during an earthquake in has a first restoration due to the deterioration of the house.
It is well not known to many of tourists who visit Egypt. It is located on a small lane named haret monge, just off a downtown street called khairat.
The house had a mashrabiya windows, also the house had no Islamic sites in the area and the entrance we go from the side door of the mashrabiya all around the houses.
There is an open area called a sahn, the rest of the house surrounds this opencourtyard and there is also found avery old fountain in the middle.
There are some small display of pictures of the house as it appeared in past.
There is the chamber called slamlek, it’s windows is covered by the largest mashrabya screen.
The next room was called haramlek” which means the room which the woman had spent their time there”.
The third floor has a small empty room and an open air.

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