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imhotep museum

  The museum of imhotep in Saqqara

The museum is located in an archaeological museum. it is located at Saqqara in the necropolis complex, near Memphis in Egypt.


The museum has a hall dedicated to an aeyptologist ,to a French Egyptologist jean-phillipe lauer.
The museum has five large halls like greeco roman museum.when we go to the entrance which it is the first time in the history the name of architect of imhotep.
We have a recent finds in the second hall, and in the third hall we find exihibts examples of elements from the step pyramid complex dedicated to imhotep .
We shows also statues made in wood and stones called saqqarra tomb in the 5th hall and also has displays objects.
Imhotep was the first human in history known how to invented many of medications and drugs used to care many of numbers of diseases and he was the first real architect in history and first stone columns in constructing.
The step pyramid of djoser has constructed by imhotep that was the first time to construct pyramid in an ancient Egypt.
He was the first one who constructed the temples in ancient Egypt and the ceilings of the temples constructed with stone blocks.
He also invented a black ink that was never known.
He became a vizier in the regin of djoser.
It was the newest museum in Egypt ,it has a hall of library and manuscripts.
Hours of operation: open daily from
In ramdan:8:00am-4:00pm.

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