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el-alamein war museum

 El-alamien war museum

This museum is the best museum in Egypt. It established in 1965 and re-opened in 1992. It has sheds the light on four main countries Egypt , germany , Italy and british .
The museum houses had part of weapons, artifacts from the battle.
This museum had memorial of second world war ,it was noticeable that germany ,Italy and England enriching al-almein museum through the ancient military items.
To stress on egypt’s role there is a new hall was established to maintained that dedicated to the battle of el-alamein and the second world war.
The Egyptian hall which is devoted to the Egyptian hall.
The common wealth hall which is devoted to common wealth solider and there are maps and weapons on display.
The Italian hall which is devoted to Italian uniforms and pictures of the Italian.
The german hall which is devoted to the german army also has maps and weapons on display.
The mixed hall which it shows both sides that involved in war .
Hours of operation:  8:00AM-TO 5:00PM.

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