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the solar boat museum

 It is located at giza plateau ,next to the great pyramid .

Near to the great pyramid of khufu we found a cedar wood barrage that was restored. The ancient Egyptian believed that the rulers needed transportation in the afterlife.

 The solar boat museum 

The ships of ancient Egyptian made out of cedar wood, it was used in the funerary rituals of the king.
The solar boat that were placed next to great pyramid of cheops when king cheops his body was mummifdied , his body was put to go on the journey to Heliopolis and the priests dissembled it into small pieces and titled it as the boat of cheops.
The solar boat discovered by the Egyptian antiquities inspector  that was responsible for the area of giza.
The ancient Egyptian were clever  builders that they had an extact location of each piecethat written on it with hieroglyphics language.
The solar boat pieces put with layers of the rocks in the bottom to prevent the hummidity and the solar boat.
Some studies said that the wood carried out on wood used to make solar boat for 1000 years old.
The museum established over the hole where the boat where found.
The museum equipped with modern techniques to preserve the solar boat.
It has three levels that enable the tourists and the visitors to show the boat  from all different views, the boat was put in the center of main hall in the first floor.
Hours of operation: opendaily:8:30am,4:00pm.
In Ramadan:8:30am to 3:00pm.
Ticket cost:Egyptian:LE4(LE “2” students).

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