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the millitary museum

 The military museum is located at the north western area, inside the cairo citadel that overlooking the mokattam mountain.

It constructed by mohammed ali pasha in 1872.  

 The military museum

The museum consists of a collection weapons and costumes illustrating warfare in Egypt.
The military museum played a vital role of the Egyptian civilians.
The military museum was established when the displays of the museum occupied two rooms and it is relocated it’s current location in harem palace of the citadel of salah-al-din and the museum opened for public visitors.
The hareem palace inside the citadel:
This place was dedicated to be a residence of mohammed ali , his family and his harem or his ladies .
Inside the palace , when we pass from the outer entrance gate we enter inside the garden of the museum and inside a wide passageway.
There is another part of the museum where some tools were used like: weapons .
There is a large circular area with famous statues at the end of passageway.
The open air section leads to the harem palace to rest of  the museum.
There is ahall of glory displays the events of Egypt .
The second floor displays the scenes of history of the Egyptian military.
The third floor displays the scenes of history of the Egyptian military during the Islamic era .
Hours of operation: open daily , 9:30 AM-4:30PM.
Ticket cost:Egyptian (LE2),foreign(LE40).

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