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al-gawharaa place

 Al-gawhara palace is located to south of salah-al-din citadel in cairo while the entrance of museum is the mosque of mohammed ali in citadel , is also known as (qasr al gawhara).


 Al- gawhara palace 

It is one of the major monuments of the city and one of the most remarkable historical sites in egypt.
The museum doesn’t have displays but it became a museum where the vistors came to show the rich decorations and amazing architectural that was used by mohammed ali and his royal family.
There is a storey around the name of the museum to be al-gawhara  that came from the name of his last wife ,she was the favourites wifes of mohammed ali.
Mohammed ali had ordered to constructed this museum from (1811till 1814) and the museum consists of rooms and halls.
The museum has many natural scenes  and decorated the ceiling of walls with golden ornaments.
This palace was constructed also for the ceremonies and for held his official meeting.
The style of constructed the gawhara place was a mixture between ottoman and European style of architectures.
The museums has displays like:royal paintings, clothes and furntures.
Inside the museum there are an alabaster hall and a magnificent throne has a rich decoration.he used it to welcome his guests.
Hours of operation:open daily from 8:00AM-4:00PM.
Ticket cost:in general admission to citadel.

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