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the police museum

 The museum located on the northern end of the citadel. The objects in the museum has a photographers from crimes scenes and weapons used in a political assassinations. 


 The police museum

The police system in Egypt was known by mohammed ali .
The museum displays some portraits and photos of ministers .
There are number of weapons were used by Egyptian police like: a large wooden stick used as a shield and has in this hall a modern weapons like: guns.
The police in egypt had played a important role  in stimulating the people in the revoluation  in 1952
There are a hall illustrates the battels that took place in ismalia in 1951 through photographers of officers eas in battles and had some of weapons used in the battle.
The museum must be visit due to it has many attractions located in the citadel like: mosque of mohammed ali , the gawhara palace museum.
Hours of operation: daily, 8:30 am -4:30 pm. 
Ticket cost :  entrance of the citadel.

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