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gayer anderson museum


It is located in cairo , near to the mosque of ahmed ibn tulun . it was built in 1631. The name of the mosque came from gayer Anderson who resided in this house between 1935-1942.  

 Gayer anderson museum

It is not one of the best preserved of domestic architecture that left in cairo in the 17th century.
Now the house is considerd to be one of the most  beatufil and wonderful historical structures in Egypt.
Many number of families lived in this house , until from the island of crete that a lady came  and bought this house and and lived there this is a cause that this house named, “beit-el-keritlia”. It consists of two historical houses facing each other.
The kertlia house was the first one built ,while the other one built by “abdel kader el haddad”.
The two houses connected together with a passageway. Andreson stayed in the historical complex and able to collect  a furniture.
Gayer andreson  leave Egypt due to his illness and then came to be a historical complex then people came to visit the house and view his collection.
Hours of operation: from Saturday to Thursday from 8:00am 4:00pm.
Friday,from 8:00am-4:00pm
Ticket cost:Egyptian(LE2)and(1LE)students 
Foreign:LE30 and LE(15)students

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