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the islamic museum

 The Islamic museum is considered the largest and the oldest museums in the is located in bab-al-khalq.


 The islamic museum

The museum has more than 104 thousands displays shows the Islamic civilizations in Egypt.some of these displays were gathered  from arabs and non-arabs nations.
The types of the Islamic art museums are: metal, wooden,works ,carpets,and other things .
The material culture of Egypt from the 7th and 19th centuries and a group of enameled and gilded mamluk mosque and takes archonogical approach begining with the umayads  containing with the Abbasids , tulunids ,fatimids ,ayyubids, mamluk and ottoman periods.
Hours operation:  open daily from 9:00am -5:00pm.
Ticket cost:Egyptian (LE5) foreign(LE10).

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