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the coptic museum

 The Coptic museum  is the largest collection of Egyptian Christian artifacts was founded by simika pasha in 1908.It was erected on 8,000 square meter .


 The coptic museum

The Coptic museum in cairo located inside the ruins of the roman Babylon in old cairo.
The museum was founded by smika pasha who collected the Coptic artifacts to be added in this museum .
The museum is opened to the public in 1901 with smika pasha who is the head of Coptic museum in cairo. 
Copts played an essential role in Egyptian society and the development  of Christianity and Christian monasticism.
The museum is dedicated to the culture and the history of the copts.
The Coptic museum is divided into two major sections and also the museums had a collection’s which includes icons,textiles, books, religiou’s items and objects of daily use.
the museum had  an old and a new sections:
the old section:  which built by simeka pasha .
the new section: consists of two floors.
The museum displays 1600 items collected from different centuries in the Coptic history of Egypt .
The 1st section: which lead to Ahnasia section and has an items go back to the 3rd ,4th century A.D .
The 2nd section:  which is a square section . where a monastery of (St.Armia ) is located.
Hours of museums:  open daily from 9AM-9PM 
Egyptian: LE(2)and for students LE (1).
Foreign: LE(40)and for students LE(20).

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