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the egyptian museum

The egyptian museum

The Egyptian museum is considered the oldest and famous of largest museums in the world. It is the first location of the museum built in front of al-azbakyah lake , between the squares of opera and attaba today.   Now, the Egyptian museum is situated at tahrir square in cairo.   The Egyptian museum has many important pieces of ancient Egyptian history.      



It has a collection of pharonic antiquites , and many treasures of king tutankhamun.


Egyptian museum has two main floors in the museum.


On the ground floor:there is a collection of papyrus and coins, and papyrus contains small fragments.


Many langauages there are found such as:greek ,latin ,Arabic and ancient Egyptian language.


on the ground floor: there are a huge statues.


On the upper floor: there are tutankhamun’s treasures and the mummies.


The 1st section : tutankhamun’s treasures.


The 2nd section : the predynastic and old kingdom monuments.


The 3rd section : 1st intermidate period and middle kingdom monuments.


The 4th section : the monuments of modern kingdom.


The 5th section : the monuments of lake period and in a late period and the greek and roman periods.


The 6th section : coins and papyrus .


The 7th section : sarcophagi and scrabs.


Hours operation: open daily,9:00 am-7:00pm.


During Ramadan,9:00am-5:00pm .


Ticket cost: Egyptian:LE(2) , student :LE(1).foreign:LE(10),student:LE(5).


the egyptian museum

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